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Easter Version Bunny Coloring Page


Hop to it! Here’s an Easter version of the Bunny Coloring page. Just click, download, and enjoy! 🙂

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First Finished Harry Pawtter!


My friend Rene worked super hard and did this great Harry Pawtter cross-stitch from the pattern I designed! She didn’t include some of the yellow star spots. She has made a list of DMC color suggestions for anyone who is interested in making the pattern that I posted about here: Harry Pawtter Pattern.

Color suggestions (DMC color numbers):
414 Pusheen Grey
838 Pusheen Outline
3799 Pusheen Stripes
310 Text, etc.
550 Stars & Wand Sparks Purple
995 Stars & Wand Sparks Bright Blue
444 Scarf & Wand Sparks Yellow
844 Scarf Outline Super Dark Grey
816 Scarf & Wand Sparks Red
838 Broom Outline Dark Brown
433 Broom Fill Brown
728 Broom End Yellow
970 Wand Sparks Orange
956 Wand Sparks Hot Pink
907 Wand Sparks Bright Green

Thanks to Rene for her hard work and for kindly sharing her expertise and her creation!

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Happy Meowloween Pusheen Cross-Stitch Pattern

With 10 Box Marking, 30% Opacity Grid
With 10 Box Marking, 80% Opacity Grid

I got some helpful feedback and I’ve updated the pattern to include marks for boxes after every 10 boxes, and I have also listed the max size across and up/down. Also note that sometimes the PDFs don’t render the squares correctly in the web browser, so you’ll want to download them so the boxes line up. Here are the updated PDFs:
Meowloween with 10 Box Marks PDF 30%: PusheenHalloweenMods30
Meowloween with 10 Box Marks PDF 80%: PusheenHalloweenMods80PusheenHalloween-01


Hi! Someone in my Pusheen Group suggested a Halloween Pusheen cross-stitch, so I made this one with Pusheen as the pumpkin. I hope you all like it. I’ve included copies with no grid, 30% grid and 80% grid in both .png and .pdf forms. Let me know if you have any questions or if you find errors. I was staring at the x-marks so long I might have missed some! LOL. I’m ready for Halloween time! Yay! How about you?

Pusheen Meowloween No Grid PDF Here: PusheenHalloweenNoGrid
Pusheen Meowloween 30% Grid PDF Here: PusheenHalloween30PercentGrid
Pusheen Meowloween 80% Grid PDF Here: PusheenHalloween80PercentGrid

With 30% Grid
With 80% Grid
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Pusheen Mini Sculptures by Erin Scott

Erin Scott (you can find her on Facebook at this link, and at her website here) has been working on making these awesomely supercute Pusheen characters for a while now. She has even more on her Facebook page. She makes them out of sculpey clay, and the designs are just beyond amazing! It is so hard to pick a favorite. Just when I think they can’t get cuter she posts one that breaks the cute scale! hahaha. I’m including a sampling of some of her work. Check her out!



21272275_876575412500925_1846657512733015497_n copy





23130470_906857532806046_5250885964951841695_n copy


24059272_920886148069851_660481469453976979_n copy






27072272_954336978058101_7041650111289715848_n copy