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Pusheen Cross-Stitch Mini-Pillow


So, I finished one of my Pusheen cross-stitch squares, and decided to turn it into a mini-pillow. It isn’t perfect, but I think it still is pretty cute! Yay for Pusheen!

Crafts · Cross Stitch · Pusheen · Supercute Stuff

Pusheen Cross Stitch





Ahhh! How cute is this? I saw someone online with this, so I decided that this is the perfect activity for me when I don’t want to think too much. This tiny kit comes with everything you need to do a mini-Pusheen cross stitch. It has a little booklet, the hoop to hold the fabric, fabric, thread, and needles. Just thought I’d update with my progress so far! Woo! It is pretty fun, but a bit hard to see. LOL. I’ll post a pic if I ever finish it. I just got this today, so I had to share!

NEW UPDATE!!! I finished! Yay! I have to admit I got a little blurry-eyed towards the end. Those squares are small! LOL